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spcefghtrbots3's Journal

Space Fighter Bots 3
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The time is here and now
We must show our strength through PASSION
Everyone work together

Space Space Space OUR VICTORY
Space Space Space! Space! Space!

Our fate is close at hand
Even when it all looks dark,
Friendship brings us POH-WER

Space Space Space OUR VICTORY
Space Space Space! Space! Space!

Hey Kids! It's Natunda morning and you know what that means! It's time to join the galactic saviors Mako Junha, Cai Capella, and Zun Picus as their adventures take them on a journey throughout the galaxy! Fasten your safety restraints for the exciting chronicles of the best action holodrama around, SPACE FIGHTER BOTS 3!

The United Galactic Fighter Bot Forces
The UGFBF is the military branch of the United Galactic Territories, which are facing invasion from the neighboring Dark Enigma Alliance. The UGFBF has sworn to protect the UGT worlds and territories, and to restore peace to its citizens.

Admiral Quasar- an older male human, one of the military leaders of the UGFBF. During the beginning of the show, he takes a strong interest in getting Mako Junha (the main character) into the UGFBF.

Mako Junha- A young human male from a small farming planet on the outskirts of the United Galactic Territories. When his adopted parents are killed by a Dark Enigma Alliance raid, Mako finds he has no reason to stay on that planet. With the guidance of Admiral Quasar, Mako finds himself a member of the UGFBF. Mako pilots the Red Gundark Bot.

Zun Picus- Zun Picus, a Twi'lek male, has a shady past. He made his living smuggling and dealing with the Dark Enigma Alliance on the outer rim of the United Galactic Territories. After a deal went bad, however, Zun found himself working with the UGFBF. Zun pilots the Blue Dewback Bot.

Cai Capella- Cai is a young Morganian female from an aristocratic family. Her family helps fund the military of the UGT and has mojor political influence in the territories as well. The series starts off with her capture by Prince Mathazar Vuusen, second in command of the Dark Enigma Alliance. After Mako and Jun Picus join forces to rescue her, Cai joins with them to form the top secret Hyper Megabot, Dojibouaron. Cai pilots the Yellow Taun Taun Bot.

The Dark Enigma Alliance
The Dark Enigma Alliance consists of a series of polluted and desolate planets ruled by an iron fist. The harsh dictatorship is led by the dastardly Supreme Chancellor. After collecting the maximum amount of power one
individual can hold within his own territory, the Chancellor has begun to seek expansion in order to increase his
range of influence and acquire resources and labor for his dwindling planetary systems. The DEA is fueled by conquest,
and has set its sights on the UGT.

The Supreme Chancellor- the ruthless leader of the Dark Enigma Alliance and all of the planets strangled in its wake.

Prince Mathazar Vuusen- The second in command in the hierarchy of the DEA. He secretly hopes to overthrow the Chancellor and take power for himself.

Though the animated show ended in 10 ABY, the vast fanbase has continued the storyline of SFB3 through other mediums, such as holonet posts and independent comics that circulate in holomags around the galaxy.

Expanded Storyline Characters:

Saigo Crux- a double agent

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