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Episode 67 - Insurrection - Part A - Space Fighter Bots 3 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Episode 67 - Insurrection - Part A [Jan. 25th, 2009|11:33 am]
Space Fighter Bots 3


“Don’t flatter yourself!” Cai sneered in the direction of the twi’lek in response to one of his shadier suggestions concerning their relationship.

“This isn’t the time!” Mako’s firm voice commanded as he entered the ready room.

A hush fell over the others- Mako’s demeanor was much more serious than usual, and his mood seemed to descend over the entire chamber. Mako angrily tossed a datapad onto the podium before taking a deep breath.

“The Dark Enigma Alliance has captured a refinery station on the outer rim. The loss of this refinery will effectively cripple several worlds in that sector, but the core worlds will remain fine…” Mako paused for emphasis before continuing, “The senate has voted to take no responsive action to the seizure of this refinery, instead, our services are needed for routine security among the core worlds for the anniversary festivities.” The outrage in his voice was obvious, though he had tried to mask it.

“The mission briefing has been uploaded to each of your individual consoles. You’re dismissed.”

Zun leaned over to the Morganian as the crowd began to exit. “Hey, princess- didn’t Mako grow up in that sector?”

Her face fell as she realized just how personal this latest attack must be for the human. “I… I believe he did…”